May Creator of the Month - Cam Fitness

Cam (@vjustcamv) a is fitness based creator who
encompasses the importance of sharing your journey with others. Cam is a relentless supporter of what we stand for as a brand. Cam is also a huge fan of our jewelry, and we truly appreciate his support. Furthermore, Cam has an ambition to push himself a work to better those around him - something we value highly on the team.

Cam is also a disciplined team player who appreciates the value of a community, and what it means to make a difference in your community. We thank Cam for his work which continues to inspire the team to peruse their own passions and pursue their life goals.

Cam is also an important role model whilst putting community support first. DOXA is much better off with Cam on our side, and we truly appreciate all of his hard work!

Please connect with Cam on Instagram @vjustcamv if you are looking to learn more about the impact he has on the health and fitness community.

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