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I. Solid Precious Metals:

We specialize in Solid 925 Sterling Silver, however we also carry 14K Gold pieces. Our jewelry is never and will never be made with Stainless Steel or Plated. This ensures that our pieces have value beyond their lifespan.

II. Made in the United States:

All of our jewelry has been sourced and manufactured in the United States, coming from our locations in the United States. We consider this a huge part of our mission: engaging in the domestic economy. This ensures that we are providing the best possible quality jewelry while supporting growth in the United States.

III. Supporting Men's Mental Health:

We are strong supporters of mental health awareness in the United States. With mental health issues at an all time high, we need to make sure we are serving all men both physically with our jewelry, and mentally with our mission. This is why we donate 2% of all sales to Man Therapy, a men's mental health resource.

IV. Pieces That Last a Lifetime:

Every piece of jewelry on our site is covered for a lifetime. If your piece is dented, scratched, discolored, hanging on by a thread, or just needs a refreshing polish; our Lifetime Warranty has you covered. We want our jewelry to maintain the quality and shine that you deserve!